guys guys guys. It’s a thing. me and him. it’s a thing. it’s a lay awake talking until the early hours cuddled up kinda thing. It’s a smile and get lost in his eyes type of thing. it’s the best kind of thing. and he’s the best kind of thing. it’s just a thing. I’m a little excited right now.

my date for tonight just turned up at my door to kiss me before we go to dinner later tonight. 

Be still, my beating heart.

  • Me: I'd like a Coke.
  • Waiter: is Pepsi okay?
  • Me: yeah, she's fine. the surgery went well and she's looking at a full recovery.
  • Waiter: fantastic. I can't wait to see you two drop by here again. she's a nice gal even though she's got an odd name. I'll bring your Coke around in just a moment.

Your Daddy’s Son - Ragtime

Daddy played piano, 
Bet he’s playing still; 
Mama can’t forget him, 
Don’t suppose I will. 

God wants no excuses, 
I have only one,

You had your daddy’s hands, 

Forgive me, 

You were your daddy’s son